How to use


How to style your nails:

How to style your nails

How to remove:

how to remove


Recommandations to have perfect DOLLY NAILS!


  1. Let D'lamp plugged into a socket in use for an optimal drying
  2. After each layer, let dry 2x 90 seconds
  3. Clean your nails with d’cleaner before every use
  4. Do not put d‘colour pen under the d’lamp
  5. Do not leave d‘pen in the sun or in a hot place
  6. The product will not dry on air but just under d`lamp
  7. Put only thin layers of d‘colour pen for a better result
  8. D‘take-off is for multiple usage: just refill the liquid back in its bottle
  9. Before use – please read carefully safety instructions and ingredients of all products
  10. In case of any problems please immediately contact a doctor